It’s not work. It is passion

As we say it ‘It’s not work. It’s passion!’ and we’re fasten & live with this phrase. That’s why, it’s not the work for us it’s our love – which we like and we are best at. We are culmination of artists & designers, scientists & engineers, thinkers & doers. Together we create unimagined picturesque of fragrance and craft memories.  We’re diverse, hailing from all walks of life, speaking dozens of languages but working towards one goal i.e. to create the best for the world to smell.

Innovation is what we think as we want to leave the world in better form. At Al Haramain extraordinary people gather to do their best, synonymously we favour ability over experience with open culture where ideas are natured to prosper and fear has no chance to cease. We foster continues improvement & offer opportunities to climb the ladder in the department you enjoy. If you have the seed of ‘ability’ then Al Haramain is better soil to reap. Come and explore the opportunities we have!