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A message from our Chief Executive Officer

  Dear customers and friends of Al Haramain Perfumes, On behalf of every member of my excellent team at Al Haramain Perfumes, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all the love and support you have shown to us since our company was founded over four decades ago in 1970. Without [...]

Agarwood / Oud of Al Haramain Perfumes

Al Haramain Agarwood comes from a Sustainable Source and Have Its Own Plantations and Contains CITES Documents “CITES document or CITES exemption document means any certificate, permit, or other document issued by a Management Authority of a Party or a competent authority of a non-Party whose name and address is on file with the Secretariat [...]

The Rich History & Powerful Secrets of Fragrance

What is Fragrance? 'Fragrance' is a term used to refer to aromatic chemical mixtures, created for specific applications to appeal to the human sense of smell. Fragrances are created to influence the smell of an environment, or a product. The influence may be in the form of neutralizing or ‘masking’ a certain odour, or to [...]

Hello London! Al Haramain Perfumes Opens First UK Retail Store

Al Haramain Perfumes opened its first UK retail store in Upton Park, London, on 30 January 2017. The elegant, magnificent store is the latest addition to Al Haramain's large and growing retail network of over 100 retail stores worldwide. The inauguration ceremony was followed by a dinner for invited guests at The Royal Regency in Manor Park, London.