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Is there a difference between Fragrance and Perfume?

  Is there a difference between Perfume and Fragrance? The words ‘perfume’ and ‘fragrance’ are sometimes used interchangeably in the world of beauty and cosmetics. It is not uncommon to see phrases such as ‘fragrances for men’ and ‘perfumes for men’ referring to the same thing. But are they really the same? Can one use [...]

References | History & Secrets of Fragrance

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How Smell Affects Body & Mind

So how does smell affect the body and the mind?  The human sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain called the ‘limbic system’. This system is responsible for our memories, emotions, and arousal. This system detects and passes on information to the brain, and controls the release of certain hormones. Hormones [...]

The History of Fragrance

The History of Fragrance Having established some of the basic effects of scents, we can now explore their application in various contexts through the use of fragrance. In summary, it can be said, that fragrances attempt to influence human experiences through the sense of smell. The next section explores the application of fragrances from a [...]

The Use of Fragrances Today

The use of Fragrances Today Today, fragrances have evolved into an entire multi-billion industry with diversified players, and even more evolved uses. Fragrances are largely marketed today as fashion essentials, with highly niche uses and applications. The following sections discuss how fragrances are used today, and their significance. Fragrance has become a lot about the [...]

The Rich History & Powerful Secrets of Fragrance

What is Fragrance? 'Fragrance' is a term used to refer to aromatic chemical mixtures, created for specific applications to appeal to the human sense of smell. Fragrances are created to influence the smell of an environment, or a product. The influence may be in the form of neutralizing or ‘masking’ a certain odour, or to [...]