Agarwood / Oud of Al Haramain Perfumes

All Al Haramain Agarwood comes from a Sustainable Source and Have Its Own Plantations and Contains CITES Documents   “CITES document or CITES exemption document means any certificate, permit, or other document issued by a Management Authority of a Party or a [...]

Natural & Synthetic Ingredients in Fragrances

  The word ‘natural’ has taken centre stage in the consumer’s world today, along with a related term, ‘organic’. These are prized words in the world of retail products, particularly those that have agricultural ingredients. [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Buying Fake Perfumes

With the proliferation of markets for buying and selling perfumes, customers are invariably concerned about whether or not the perfumes they are buying are genuine and original, or fake and counterfeit. These are [...]