The Retail Expansion Management Intern will be an integral part of Al Haramain’s Retail Stores’ expansion into new markets, including the re-evaluation of the retail concept to play well across new markets and is built for future expansion.
This person will be given responsibility over major components of the work needed to execute launches into new markets, depending on their skill set and the needs of the effort. This could include operational, staffing, or project management processes and executions needed for the launch of more stores.
This role is perfect for a person in an existing Retail or District Manager role, or a corporate role supporting retail stores at a multi-unit chain. Has the opportunity to evolve into field or corporate management opportunities.

Work with the Retail launch team to ensure completion of launch program for new retail concept, including but not limited to:
Coordinating across all functions of enterprise to ensure successful launch
Assist in developing standard operating procedures for retail personnel and corporate staff supporting retail across multiple functions.
Participate in the recruitment, training, and oversight of store managers and in-store personnel.
Help provide visual merchandising and store design support to the team, to help maximize the impact of the stores.
Works with Marketing team to develop and implement effective marketing and PR launches.
Helps develop and implements ideas to make retail concept stand out from competition in the marketplace.

Driving license required.
Retail experience or related experience and/or training.
BA/BS or final year in Business related field.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills—both written and verbal.
Exhibit ability to organize thoughts, communicate clearly, completely and concisely.
Ability to conceptualize, develop, and execute business-building efforts.
Strong analytical and problem solving capabilities, with an orientation to details. Ability to resolve problems at both the strategic and execution levels.
Possesses strong project management skills and has the ability to work well within a team environment and individually.
Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities.
Knowledge of perfumes & cosmetics a big plus.


We’re looking for a marketing program developer who can help Al Haramain become a household name. The successful director will have skills “packaging” new marketing offerings, understanding how to drive shared value between retail and brands, and analyzing/communicating results.
Spearhead the development of a key new business for the company. Responsibilities include oversight of the following tasks:

  • Pre-launch activities: Business model creation through pilot
  • Launch preparation: Operational assessment and process definition for long term rollout
  • Partnership with cross functional teams on strategy and execution including marketing, merchandising, education, product management and ecommerce vehicles


  • Developing a sustainable operation for the program
  • Strong project management skills will be required
  • Drive key analyses to evolve Al Haramain and our brands’ approach to marketing programming.
  • Define marketing levers available x-channel, and create toolkits for integrated marketing team to utilize for 360 degree campaigns. Evolve programs based on results and industry best practices & trends.
  • Develop marketing for brands based on brand needs and objectives
  • Assist with strategic presentation & reporting efforts
  • Monthly and adhoc team and leadership presentations
  • Monthly marketing post mortems
  • TY/LY seasonal planning reviews and hindsights
  • Quarterly competition & trend watch

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • 10 years of cross-channel marketing expertise
  • Balanced experience from both a retailer and brand point of view; beauty industry experience preferred
  • Problem solving and analytical skills – proven ability to build business models and the ability to work with business partners to clarify assumptions
  • Ability to think from client-centric point of view to drive strategy balanced with operational viability
  • Demonstrated success working closely or interacting with senior executive leadership
  • Self-starter and willingness to “roll up your sleeves” with a “can-do” attitude; comfort with ambiguity and ability to work independently
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional powerpoint and excel skills



To be a fragrance expert and provide friendly, knowledgeable service to all clients. Maintain the store’s appearance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Client Services
  • Greet all clients who enter the store with enthusiasm.
  • Provide courteous, knowledgeable service to clients.
  • Determine client’s needs and suggest products to meet their needs.
  • Communicate product knowledge to clients as appropriate.
  • Participate as a productive, motivated member of the store team.
  • Assist in identifying opportunities within the store and possible solutions.
  • Recognize and respect the work of others.
  • Contribute to a pleasant and organized work environment.

Store Presentation

  • As a team member, assist in maintaining standards of cleanliness and organization within assigned zone.
    • Drawers
    • Price postings
    • Product lists
  • Assist in maintaining standards of safety and cleanliness of stock room, store front, etc.
  • As a team member, assist in the maintenance of store’s animation and events.


  • Perform and comply with all Al Haramain policies and procedures.
  • Participate in inventory control.
  • Complete all delegated tasks promptly and accurately.
  • Communicate inventory issues/concerns to Assistant Manager/Co-Manager/Store Manager.
  • Maintain store safety standards.
  • Participate in programs to reduce shortage/loss.
  • Assist in reducing Company’s expense but not at the cost of service and presentation standards.
  • Perform other store related duties as assigned.


  • Excellent client service and communication skills.
  • Arithmetic skills.
  • Perfume experience desirable.

Experience Preferred

  • 1-3 years in retail/service industry (higher volume stores require 2-3 years experience)High School Graduate.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language desirable.


Al Haramain Perfumes Assistant Managers can work in any of the following areas within the store. Specific duties include responsibility for opening and closing procedures and duties as Director-in-Charge (DIC) for limited periods of time. The Assistant Manager assists the Store Manager and Co-Manager with client service, sales, productivity, and operational functions. Ensures the adherence to the Al Haramain’s culture; ensures maximum profitability and compliance with Al Haramain’s objectives and policies.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate and model client service and onstage leadership standards.
  • Be punctual at work and with all deadlines.
  • Demonstrate self-control in all circumstances.
  • Take initiative: being able to react to situations in the moment and business opportunities as they arise.
  • Be available and flexible to various behavioral styles with cast by coaching to meet the needs of individuals.
  • Be perceived as a leader and maintain objective and professional relationships with brand partners, key stakeholders, cast, peers, and supervisors.
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards.

As Store in Charge:

  • Keep Perfumists™ motivated, smiling, and servicing clients.
  • Observe the store to ensurePerfumists™follow the Al Haramain style of selling and service.
  • Observe client flow throughout the store and rezone Perfumists™ to ensure optimal coverage. Ensure thatPerfumists™ are aware when a client is in their zone.
  • Provide effective coaching in the moment.
  • Ensure maintenance standards and presentations standards.
  • Assign tasks toPerfumists™ to maintain maximum productivity during down time.
  • Handle client complaints efficiently and effectively.
  • Communicate hourly reads, and zone and break changes.
  • Ensure Perfumists™ adhere to the Al Haramain dress code.
  • Identify and address concerns.
  • Lead by example with all company initiatives and crusades.

Store Presentation:

  • Ensure that standards of cleanliness and organization are maintained by current company standards
    • Drawers
    • Price postings
    • Assortments
  • Set-up merchandising presentations and animations.
  • Assist in maintaining standards of safety and cleanliness of “back stage:” stock room, lockers, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Store Operations/Leadership

  • Open and close the store.
  • Appropriately react and handle emergencies and loss prevention issues when opening or closing the store (in the absence of exempt team).
  • Make sound decisions on whether or not to add or cut payroll hours.
  • Effective decisions based around payroll, sales, and current sale trends. Sign check refunds, Perfumist™ purchases, and replenish change.
  • Quality decision making skills that reflect values and store policies by using available resources.
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with key stakeholders, partners, brands, and leadership team.

Knowledge, Skills Required:

  • Excellent communication and client service skills
  • Entry level analytical and basic math skills
  • Perfume experience desirable
  • Proficiency in Windows, Word, Excel desirable

Experience Preferred:

  • 1-2 years in retail/service industry management/supervision
  • High School Graduate or equivalent. College degree preferred
    Proficiency in a foreign language desirable


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Client Services
  • Greet all clients who enter the store with enthusiasm.
  • Determine client’s needs and suggest products to meet their needs.
  • Communicate product knowledge to clients as appropriate.
  • Participate as a productive, motivated member of the store team.
  • Recognize and respect the work of others.
  • Greet all clients who enter the store with enthusiasm.
  • Contribute to a pleasant and organized work environment.

Knowledge, Skills Required:

  • Experience Preferred in Perfume Field
  • Arabic National are preferred


  • Graduate


Focuses on all aspects of client service in a support capacity, while handling all cash procedures accurately to expedite the client’s transaction.

The ideal candidate will have at least 1-2 years experience in a client service position, ideally in a fast paced retail store. Cash handling/cashier experience is preferred.